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Kanaama is a village in south-western Uganda, and is home to the family of the founders of Kanaama Interactive. Since 2007 we have been organising trips and volunteering visits to the region, with a strong emphasis is on dialogue, interaction and getting to know people on equal terms. Learn how past visitors have benefited from the mutual exchange of skills and ideas!

Our charitable arm, Kanaama Interactive Community Support was created out of a desire to support development in the local area, in response to the needs of local people. Our KICS Briefing Note provides a succinct outline of our work which currently focuses on alleviating poverty and promoting gender equality, both of which feature strongly in

and now particularly in a new project, now in its second year

Can you help with these or our other projects (agricultural training; stoves-building)? Do you want to find out about them?

We are run by a team of dedicated volunteers based in London. A link group (KICS-Ug) has recently been established in Kanaama, one of whose purposes is to advise on local resources, needs and priorities. Do keep an eye on our latest news and events, or why not join our mailing list to be kept informed on developments?

Two students from the local university at Mbarara during their one-month internship with KICS have just produced ( in record time!)   a short  film about Kanaama and its water: ‘Water is life’.  Congratulations Samuel and Edmund. The first fruits of our new collaboration with the university (Mbarara University of Science and Technology). To see the film, click http://youtu.be/XnSeoPdJkb4

For a quick look at our KICS Newsletter December 2015, download now (N.B. Please note the links in this document may not open using Chrome).